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DSA shorts: The Door by SKy-2008
DSA shorts: The Door
DSA ("Das Schwarze Auge"; english version as TBE, "The Black Eye") is a Pen&Paper RPG set in a high fantasy world. For those of you who are unfamilliar with Pen&Paper: You can create your character, whose traits, stats and skills are noted on a character sheet. The game master then leads the players through various pre- or selfmade adventures. And since it's lead by a human being instead of a computer the possibilities are endless. Several hundred skills can be combined in countless ways, you can travel whole continents and meet many races (most of which playable) and work your way through society. Or you could just challenge the next dwarf to a drinking contest... Your choice. :D

The most well known Pen&Paper RPG is "Dungeons and Dragons". In contrast to D&D though DSA uses the range of the D20 (20-sided die) in reverse order. The lower the number, the better the outcome. 1 is critcal success, 20 is critical failiure.

In this series I'm going to illustrate our party's funniest or most iconic moments. And since we're not exactly the most common adventurers, we have quite a few of those... ^^;

This is when we had just met Tim (Timmanuil Breshn.. - screw that, nobody can speak or write that name...), played by Gep65. He's a wizard (crystallomancer) and blacksmith (focused on fine mechanics) and wants to build mechanical golems.
He doesn't bother with picking locks - he just disassembles them - or in this case, the door's hinges...
just some planet by SKy-2008
just some planet
When I'm bored I do random stuff. This time: Planet.
Created in 3ds Max, Photoshop and Gimp (because PS sucks at Difference Clouds).

Download video for 360° turnaround. Took about 30 min to render the 90 frames.
(It's in a .zip, because dA doesn't want .avi as downloads... Also: Changing the main file to another type isn't allowed. Why? Dunno... -.- )
RWBY - Mysterious Samurai by SKy-2008
RWBY - Mysterious Samurai
The mysterious samurai lady from this week's RWBY episode (Volume 2, Chapter 11).
I just love her design. Hopefully her part in the plot will hold up to my expectations. I guess she's going to stay a minor charakter for now though.
Also her weapon looks like a badass mix of Blake's Gambol Shroud, Weiss' Myrtenaster and Adam's Wilt and Blush. I call a iaido style overkill attack where she throws out several blades in quick succession...

I traced a screenshot of her to get this. The download file should be big enough for your wallpaper making needs - if not, let me know and I'll scale it up a bit.
Zoro Cosplay WIP by SKy-2008
Zoro Cosplay WIP
Testing my Zoro cosplay for Gamescom in August.
I still need to paint the Shusui black and add the scars (only for the final version though). Also I forgot to put on the earrings... ^^;

More photos of the final version after Gamescom...

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